Why does poop hurt

It is quite ironic that whereas pooping actually is nothing other than the excretion of the accumulated wastes inside the body and must be regarded as a relieving phenomenon, it might sometimes be a pretty painful affair. It is a really unfortunate and pitiable condition to be pressurized in the anal region with the pressing poop, and with the knowledge that it would hurt to actually go to the loo and let the poop drop out.

There could be a host of reasons behind this occurrence, the primary one pertaining to the composition of poop. It is composed of a good part of water. If you do not drink enough water, or let the poop inside the body for longer than you should, the water contents begin to dip and this results in the drying up of the poop. In this manner, poop transforms into a hardened waste that is difficult to get moving without applying strenuous pressure. And even while the hard poop escapes the anal opening, its rigid composition is sure to scrape against the sensitive anal tissues and cause a painful sensation.

The anal tissues and veins are super sensitive and prone to scars and rashes. Damaged anal tissues are major causes that lead to the experience of pain while poop gets excreted out of your body. The condition of misadventures of the venous network in the anal region is medically called the condition of haemorrhoids existence, and this aggravates to painful pooping. Some people have unnoticed fissures in the anal tissues, and this is a real cause of worry, as such people are bound to have a tough time letting poop out of their anal openings. Even a slight brushing of the poop with the slit or fissure in the tissue could give rise to a sudden pang of immense discomfort and pain. People suffering from constipation also experience a nagging pain while pooping, and this is caused by the stretching of the anal opening beyond the toleration limits of the body. Use of skin relieving lotions and warm saline water treatment are suggested remedies for this malady.