Why is adoption so expensive

Adopting a kid can be one of the sweetest things that you will ever do, but if you live in the United States of America, it will definitely not be a cheap one. The cost for a domestic adoption may range from anything in between four thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars depending on various factors. On special cases, the amount of money required for the adoption procedure can even be less than four thousand dollars if the child in question is a special needs child. Similarly, an international adoption may cost even more than thirty thousand dollars. The minimum cost for adopting an international child is ten to fifteen thousand dollars and the cost mainly covers CIS fees, travelling expenses and the fees of the agency or organization through which the whole adoption procedure is completed. The other fees include the fees imparted on by the country that you want to adopt the child from. As you can see, all of these sums up to a good deal of money in case of an international adoption, but in most cases, there is an option of paying the heavy amount through installments.

The expenses for the counseling of the biological mother must be provided by the adopting parents and also, if she does not have insurance or if it is not valid, she must be also medically provided for by the adopting parents up to a certain extent. These also are the reasons why the sum required for adopting a child is such a huge one. If you adopt from China however, the adoption costs are much less as the Chinese government only allows adoption of orphans, therefore you do not have to bear the costs of the birthmother.

In order to make procedures comparatively faster and less expensive, some advocate adoption through adoption attorneys rather than through agencies, but others recon that going for private adoption can be even more expensive and also, it is not always an option if you are willing to adopt a child from another nation.

An advantage of adoption includes the ten thousand dollar tax credit that the parents who adopt are benefitted by. Apart from the tax concession, there are also other benefits for the parents of an adopted child if he/she happens to be a special needs child.