Why is agriculture important

Agriculture is important because of a multitude of reasons; the most important reason is that because of agriculture, people do not go hungry all over the world. “Food Security” is something that is expected to be one of the fundamental duties of any governing body and in order to provide that, a government needs an advanced and efficient agricultural structure within the country. Any nation that has any sort of socio-political stability recognizes agricultural progress as the basis of their position. Agriculture is not what it used to be as the number of mouths to feed has increased by many folds and so has the technology to cope up with the increasing need. Therefore, the study of agricultural science will become more and more important as years pass by, because of both the increase in human population and the increase in environmental degradation.

A field that is based on a need as basic as food, is sure to have entire industries built around it thus comes in the opportunity of employment associated with industrialization. The job opportunities that are available in the agricultural industry are endless for both people with high and low qualification from different fields of expertise. From looking after the farm and its animals to working for the development of new agricultural technology, the opportunities for employment in the agricultural industry are truly endless. As one can imagine that the demand for food never actually declines, so the need for employees in the industry still remains huge and shall only increase with passing time.

Apart from reducing hunger and providing employment, agriculture also helps one to understand the planet we live in and how we can both benefit it and benefit from it. Farmers educated in the modern developments of agricultural science are able to yield better, profit more and help the environment, all at the same time. “Organic farming” is one example of such practice which has contributed to the preservation of the environment. As we have come to realize that a country cannot truly progress if it is not agriculturally advanced enough, the governments of the countries around the world are prioritizing agricultural advance by providing all aids possible, both in terms of policy and finance.