Why is communication important

Communication, putting it very simply, is the art of emitting information in the form of a signal. It may acquire any form and verbal communication is just a small drop inside this vast ocean. The idea of communication is the base upon which the idea of life flourishes. Humans communicate through word arrangements, gestures, signs and indications. Animals and plants also have their own peculiar styles of communicating with each other. Just a slight reflection at a life without any means of communication is sufficient to make one appreciate the colossal stature of communication in our lives. It is the need of every human being to be understood by others, and communication is the only tool that facilitates this.

Would it have been possible for the human race to have evolved to such an advanced level of comfort without communication? The answer is an emphatic NO. Communication is the glue that binds the vast humanity into a single entity. Timely knowledge dissemination can avoid catastrophes and save millions of precious lives. The continuous progress of man is a gift of communication. It is also an outlet of emotions for human beings. Imagine what a volcano a human body would be without any way of expressing its emotions and thoughts! The relationships we build with our family, friends and colleagues depend upon our communication skills. A good communicator can easily foster long lasting relationships.

The indispensability of good communication is evident from the fact that any decision gets delayed without proper communication, and on the other hand, efficient communication powers easy and better decision making. Thus, communication is a pre-requisite of living a successful life. And this holds equally true for life forms other than humans. This fact is evident in the forest eco-systems where birds start chirping as soon as they observe a predator on prowl. The ability to educate is one of the foremost powers of humans. And the fuel behind this is communication. Researches and experiments conducted in different corners of the world prove to be equally fruitful for the entire human race because of the fact that we have a flawless communication system in place. Communication smoothens out differences between individuals and lets them enjoy the pleasure of company. We would all be reduced to solitary entities without the modes of communication.