Why is it important to vote

For many people in democratic countries voting is simply a passing fancy, though at the same time it is a major right that both can and should be exercised as often as possible for a number of reasons. The most important reasons people should get out and vote as often as possible are communication, representation and the exercising of hard-earned rights.

The most effective way to communicate with the public and understand what choices the people have to say on a matter, voting is your way to let government officials know what your opinion on a particular law or regulation is. Without exercising your right to vote whenever possible you are simply accepting the decisions of others to govern your life, taking with those decisions all of the benefits and drawbacks that a group decision may bring for you.

This form of communication is particularly effective as a form of representation for the current public demand. Whether it is to abolish, change or maintain a currently existing law or representative in the government or to bring about a new change in either leadership or public policy the absence of voting robs you of the right to have a say in the future of both yourself and those around you. Whether or not your personal values are represented in public office or in society in general is dependent upon whether or not you cast your vote each time one is called for.

It should always be remembered as well that the right to vote has not always been an unquestionable right for all but is instead a hard earned privilege born of the sacrifices of countless individuals in the past. In the United States alone the ability for both women and non-
white individuals to vote is somewhat of a new occurrence thanks to the sacrifices of countless civilians and soldiers that died in the fight to bring about change. Many other countries today do not have this right and are instead subject to whatever laws and regulations their governing powers decide upon.

Why is it important to vote

Bear each of these in mind the next time a vote is called in your area and exercise your freedom to choose your leaders and regulations as you see fit for your own sake and that of future generations as well.