Why is motivation important

Motivation is the hunger to achieve something, and this ‘something’ is indefinable, as its scope is endless like the skies. Life is a continuous journey with no tangible destination. Then, what drives a person on to take this road that virtually leads to nowhere?

The fact is that this road of life is studded with distant milestones. Life can be visualized as a collection of these milestones. And motivation is the coolant that disposes off the heat of frustrations and disappointments from the engine of the human body and soul. In more technical terms, motivation is a self designed urge for an individual to achieve a clear goal through diligent efforts and sincere dedication. Motivation aligns a person to his goals and aspirations. The dazzling and luring lights of momentary ecstasy are enough to blind the most reasonable of minds. It isn’t exactly rocket science out to work out the undeniably essential role played by motivation in one’s. In fact, without the right motivation, the brightest brains are equivalent to misdirected missiles which may very well end up ruining its immediate environment. Motivation involves the defining of either or both of short term and long term goals.

Motivation empowers an individual to keep the more important things in life on the priority list. In organizations, motivational strategies make for a huge part of the job of managers. Motivation is a sure shot trick to improve productivity. A motivated employee is guaranteed to be an asset to the organization. Motivation instills a definite feeling of confidence and stability in a individual, as it lays out the track on which the individual has to tread. This is much better than stumbling on without any goal in life. Lack of motivation aggravates to stagnation in the status of the progress, both of the employee as well as the organization. It is generally seen that unmotivated workers cause the work environment to deteriorate and their dreary attitudes are contagious, thus running the risk of stinging the other employees as well.

Motivated approach, on the other hand, leads to a contented life. Like an invisible force, motivation instigates the passion to do well each and every time, in each and every sphere of life. Motivation keeps the candle of life burning and the warmth emanating from it wards of the chills of dissatisfaction and aimlessness.