Why is my internet so slow

There are a multitude of reasons why you could have a slow internet connection and all of them should be looked at in detail and remedied in order to maximize your internet performance.

  • Low Quality Internet Package
    If you haven’t yet switched to broadband then it is highly likely this is your main cause for having a slow internet connection. In addition to this the broadband connection you have depends on the package you obtained. Some packages offer a faster connection than others (for a higher price). Consider getting your services upgraded especially if you have a dial-up connection. Otherwise, check out these other causes for a slow internet connection before you throw money at your internet service providers needlessly.
  • Internet Browser
    It may actually be the fault of the browser you are using to explore the internet with. For example the traditional Microsoft browser “Internet explorer” is famous for being slow and of general poor quality. While IE has made some significant improvements lately it is still struggling to get to the same standards as other free browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Safari (The fastest browser currently available). Try downloading a free browser instead and see if it improves your surfing experience.
  • Tidy Up Your Computer
    Sometimes it isn’t your internet that’s slow in itself; it could be your computer that is slow because of a general lack of space. While browsing the internet your computer will be storing lots of information such as cookies, browsing history, images and websites themselves. Some of these files are temporary and will be removed once you exit the browser and some of them will stay in your browser folders. Even if the files are removed afterwards, they take up a lot of space while you are browsing and this can slow down your browsing experience if your computer doesn’t have much space to store this information. Keep your computer running smoothly and quickly by deleting unused files and programs and cleaning out your browser files and your recycling bin regularly.
  • Defragment Your Disk
    If your computer is looked after properly and runs smoothly and quickly, your browser experience will also be as smooth and quick as possible. Performing regular defragmentation processes on your computer will reduce file fragmentation which slows down computer performance.
  • Downloading or Uploading
    Are you or other members of your household downloading or uploading files? Downloading files from the internet or uploading files from your computer can cause problems with internet browsing and slow down browsing speed considerably. It can also interfere with games and emails. If you need to browse quickly online and have a file sharing program on for example, pause the program while you browse and you will find a massive increase in your internet speed. Many times you may find you are seeding something and you didn’t realize it.

Keep an eye on your computer processes through CTRL+ALT+DEL and look at the processes tab and the applications tab. Is your computer activity very high? Closing some extra programs and applications could help. The applications tab will show you what programs are currently active and which ones are taking up the most of your computer activity.