Why was Facebook created

Facebook has been nothing short of a revolution. Operated by Facebook Inc., Facebook is a social networking service with an estimated 600 million plus users worldwide. Facebook was founded by Mark Zucherberg with the aid of Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, his college roommates and colleagues. It was initially limited as a concept for the Harvard students only, but subsequent expansions have catapulted its status to the most popular social networking site today.

Facebook, as we know it now, is a concept that took some time developing. In October 2003, Mark Zuckerberg created Facemash, a site that pitted two photographs against each other, with the viewers deciding as to which of the two was ‘hotter.’ The idea was welcomed warmly, as evident from the huge number of online views recorded for the uploaded images only within hours of the beginning. More publicity followed, as the site was forwarded to many campus group list servers. However, the Harvard administration shut down the service and Zuckerberg was charged with privacy violations, charges that were subsequently dropped.

Mark Zuckerberg again set out to expand his horizons, and came up with a more sophisticated social networking idea. He created an online study tool prior to an art history final where students could share their notes and comments. This attempt at social networking was an even bigger success. Zuckerberg began preparing the code for his new idea in January 2004. A month later, he launched “The Facebook” on Feb 4th. This was the earliest form of the contemporary Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg had the idea of a platform where the whole world could meet, share interests, express feelings, make new friends, and find lost relatives and what not. Initially, “The Facebook” was open for Harvard students only, and subsequently, it expanded to Stanford, Columbia, and Yale before expanding to most universities in the United States and Canada. Today, Facebook is spread over the whole wide world and brings together people with similar interests. Facebook had achieved its purpose of contracting the geographical boundaries and woven the world into one network.