Why are Americans so fat

Although the percentage of overweight or obese adolescents in the United States of America is 18%, it has been recorded that the percentage increases to an alarming 34% once the age limit reaches twenty and above. Children ranging from 6 to 11 years of age have an obesity or overweight percentage of 20% while the lowest fat count comes from America’s infants at only 10%. It is indeed an alarming rate at which the number of overweight citizens is increasing, especially if you compare it with the past years.

There are definitely a number of reasons that are contributing to the country’s overall fat increment over the years and the most significant of them is the food that is consumed. As far as food is concerned, it is to be noted that the American government subsidizes corn syrups that are rich in fructose. The availability and the affordable price of the fattening fructose make it a popular additive. We all know that fast food makes us fat along with raising a host of other health concerns, but we still hardly cook and depend more and more on fast food due to tight schedules and a bit of laziness.

Although the concern about fat problems within the US is raised with more sincerity these days, the problem is that there are too many fat food options on the street. It is hard for someone with an addiction to sugar primarily and candy secondarily to avoid them for long when that person finds candy shops everywhere in the city. The option of choosing health food over junk food may have become more available, but the number of companies making junk food still out-shadows them by a long shot.

The common tendency is to think that since a person works out hard enough, he/she is allowed junk food up to an extent, this is the type of thinking that makes work outs less effective. Also, starting with an apple and ending with a bar of chocolate does not help either. Work outs are hard enough as it is to fit into the tight work schedule that Urban Americans these days have to follow, but they become less and less effective if you do not eat right along with exercising right.