Why is the Mona Lisa so famous

The painting of Mona Lisa adorning the walls of the Musee du Louvre at Paris has been enshrouded with a veil of mystique from times immemorial. This enigmatic piece of art was created by the genius Leonardo da Vinci during the times of the Italian Renaissance in the time range of 1505 to 1510 AD. Over the decades, the whole aura of intrigue about the painting has picked up steam, so much so that Mona Lisa could easily be the most popular painting till date. There are some absolutely stunning features in the painting, all of which add to the status it has attained over the years.

Of all astounding things about the Mona Lisa, its gaze is easily the most mystifying. The Mona Lisa seems to stare right in your eye, no matter from which direction or angle you see it from! You could traverse the complete frame length, and still b under the impression that the eyes of the lady in the painting follow you. Of the other facial characters, the alluring smile of the lady deserves a special mention. It is hard to pin point as to what differentiates the Mona Lisa from any other painting of a smiling lady, but yet, there is definitely something unique about the Mona Lisa. Whereas some are simply charmed by the curing of the lips into almost invisible corners, others are not hesitant to admit that they are fearful of the lady’s smile and feel as if there was something sinister in that unnatural smile.

Another noticeable aspect of the Mona Lisa is that the lady does not have any facial hair. There have been assertions that Leonardo tried to capture the tendency of the ladies of those times to get all their facial hair removed. The fact that this rather bizarre sense of aesthetics does not in any way make the lady lose her beauty also adds to the air of mystery about the Mona Lisa. The painting also has a fair share of history associated. It got stolen from Napoleon’s palace in 1911, and this contributed to the attention gained by the unique art work.