Why are some people moody

Every one of us have encountered moody people from time to time and some of us are ourselves the moody people that we are about to discuss here. Moody men and women can be surprisingly welcoming and warm on certain days, while the same person may become irritated easily and cause you annoyance or fear through aggressive or cold demeanor on other days. It could be a friend, one of your parents, your partner or anyone else for that matter, but the problem is that the people around the person have to suffer often because of their frequent mood swings. At times, the person may not even be aware of the problem that he/she is causing to those around her and improvements can be seen once the person comes to know of the situation, but often it is not the case. Sometimes, the moody person decides that this is what his/her nature is and it’s not going to be changed for anybody. They tend to think that if someone has a problem with it, that person should either avoid or adjust accordingly; this is where the problem begins as acceptance of the irregular behavior by the person may cause serious problems for those nearest to him/her. It is not easy for a normal, stable person to communicate with a person who behaves unpredictably and may react aggressively without any provocation.

If you are with someone who has extreme mood swings and the frequency is quite often, then the person could be suffering from a bipolar disorder. A person with bipolar disorder may exhibit signs similar to those shown by a person who is suffering from clinical depression when he/she is going through her bad mood stage. Contrastingly, the person will show signs of manic obsession or nervous energy when he/she begins to experience the high strung stage.

Mania and depression are the two extreme stages of bipolar disorder and people who are suffering from these symptoms should really consult a psychiatric expert as soon as possible, because being late only means more effort and less improvement. Sometimes people may just be cranky or depressed due to a particularly sad or annoying event and that does not mean he/she is suffering from bipolar disorder but certain events can indeed be devastating enough to disturb a person and push him/her towards psychiatric problems.