Why do all my teeth hurt

There can be a number of reasons behind tooth ache; some of them can be minor issues like exposure of the teeth to chilled liquid beverages or exposure to extremely cold weather, but in such cases the pain should subside after a while. If however, the pain is persistent and severe, it can be a symptom of dental problem.

The roots of all the teeth are attached to the tooth nerves through tubules; therefore tooth ache is a reaction to the exposure of the roots to significant cold stimuli or physical pressure. In order to prevent this sensation of pain, the roots of our teeth are naturally covered and protected by the gum. Dental problems start when the protective layer of gum retracts over time. The exposed root therefore makes teeth very sensitive and thus begins the hurting.

The most commonly known reason for the gum tissue to recede is of course unhealthy dental hygiene. Plaque develops over unclean teeth and if it is not cleaned away even then, it turns into corrosive tartar. The corrosiveness of the tarter is due to the presence of bacteria that eats away the gum tissue with time. Gingivitis is a common result of such unclean dental habits among many others.

The other more prominent, yet less addressed reason for ebbing of the gum from the roots is over-brushing. Actually, too much attention to one’s dental hygiene is often the reason why people may brush too many times or for too long. Even if one is brushing for an adequate amount of time, it is necessary to maintain a gentle grip. A hard grip will cause one to put unnecessary pressure onto their gums, which in turn will result into receding of the gum and thus root-exposure to painful stimuli.

If one already has begun to experience tooth ache due to ebbing of the gum, then it is advisable to brush with electronic toothbrushes along with special toothpastes that are made specifically to decrease the sensitivity of the roots. Fluoride mouthwash is also a good option for reducing sensitivity in teeth. In more severe cases, dentists are often found to use oxalate compounds as means to decrease sensitivity.