Why do women cheat

Truth be told, there actually is not much difference in the reasons between why a man would cheat on his partner and why a woman might do the same. Nonetheless, there could at times be a few unique situations which might push the fairer sex in particular, towards committing adultery. Below we shall discuss reasons that are both common (in men and women) and unique to women.

Common Reasons

1. Lack of Sex –- Sex is a biological urge that is common among not only men and women but animals as well. Since it is a primitive instinct embedded in our biology, the key is to never ignore it. Statistics show that women who do not get enough sex from their partners may cheat on them with other men. Apart from not getting any or too little of it, there is also a chance that a woman may become bored or remain dissatisfied with the sexual intimacy that she and her partner shares. It is for this reason that marriage counselors and relationship experts always advise couples to experiment and keep things fresh.

2. The Appeal of Adventure -– Similar to men, some women also feel the urge to explore certain previously unexplored or forbidden parts of their lives and the result is that it often leads them to an illicit affair with perhaps even a complete stranger. In women, mid-life crisis, sudden positive changes in one’s looks (weight loss, skin care, etc.), a new social circle or a more prestigious job can all act as the trigger that was required to set her wild side free.

3. Revenge –- Although women have been found to be particularly vengeful if her partner is ever caught cheating on her, such a reaction is not absent in case of men either. If she finds out that her man had cheated on her on a previous occasion, then there is a chance that she might try to get back at him by doing the same, just in order to make him feel what she felt at that time. This theme of revenge may be the reason for her to cheat on her partner even if he had not cheated on her before, but had done something else that she had highly disapproved of.

why do women cheat

4. Intentional break-up -– Sometimes, when a woman feels that the relationship is damaged beyond repair and yet is unable to formally break it up, she may choose to cheat and let him find out about it intentionally. It is therefore important to keep the channels of communication as clear as possible, no matter what the situation.

Unique Reasons

1. Lack of emotional bonding –- Women need more than just sexual intimacy and if it is absent, then she may start to look for it outside the bounds of her relationship. If she feels that her partner is not spending enough time with her, then she starts to feel lonely and that is where it all starts. Joint activities as simple as going to dinner and a movie together once in a week can do a world of good. Talking to one’s woman and sharing with her also makes her feel connected to her man.

2. Underappreciated and neglected –- As a woman often fills the shoes of more than just one person (mother, girlfriend/wife, babysitter, caretaker, housekeeper, etc.), she needs to be and should be appreciated. If she feels that she is not appreciated for all the roles that she plays in the relationship, she might try to find that appreciation and respect from someone else.