Why does my face go red

It is common to see fair skinned people getting their face turn red whenever they blush, feel embarrassed or even angry. There can be other environmental factors that contribute to the face turning red. Let us look into each of the reasons that cause this:

Blushing: Blushing is one of the reasons that make the face turn visibly red. This happen when the blood vessels in the skin expand and blood fills in these areas. It disappears after sometime and can be termed as an involuntary reflex. A person usually blushes when she is complimented or teased playfully.

Anger: Anger and agitated bursts can also cause the same effect as blushing: making the blood vessels widen. But compared to blushing, the effect lasts longer. Also, the person tends to experience increased heartbeats with the blood rushing to the upper areas of the face.

Embarrassment: Feeling embarrassed is also one of the common reasons for the face turning red. When something negative happens, it can make the person feel wary of what he or she has done and experience redness in the face.

Too much heat: The weather can also play a role in making a person’s face turn read. This flushing is nothing serious, just a physical reaction against the heat.

Allergies: Some people who eat seafood experience redness in their face. This is caused due to allergic reaction by seafood like shrimps. If the allergy is light, then this side effect can disappear in a few minutes, but if it gets itchy and severe, you may have to take prescribed antibiotics.

Center of Attention: Being a center of attention for some reason or the other can make a person’s face flush and turn red. For instance, people who are felicitated for something, walk up to the stage and are usually photographed with their face turning red.

Why does my face go red

Alcohol: People who drink a lot of alcoholic drinks also tend to experience redness in their face. This is due to the fact that alcohol expands the arteries and fills it with blood.

Thus we see that there are many reasons as to which the face turns red and most of them are not serious and a harmless reaction to an unforeseen situation.