Why does poop burn

A feeling of burning while letting out feces is expected if you happen to be affected by diarrhoea and constipation, or some other freak disease of the digestive system. Not much expert knowledge of the biology inside the human body is required to understand the possible reasons behind the nagging and scary burning of poop.

Feces, in its eventual form, is composed of three fourths of water and one fourth of a solid mess of dead bacteria and untreated wastes of undigested food. It is not necessary that all the accumulated wastes inside the body are thrown out in the form of poop, and some of it might as well be left behind. And if this is followed by a long spell of time where you do not go to the loo, the leftover form of poop dries up and turns hard. A less than sufficient water intake can further aggravate the chances of your coming pooping session being a particularly fiery one! Pooping can really be troublesome if it is hard undigested feces that is to be exuded.

The presence of cyclic amides in the digestive track, whatever be the source, is a scientifically approved explanation of the burning sensation accompanying poop. Food stuff such as meat and seeds are categorically hard to break down, and the chunks of hard matter can really damage the membranous digestive track. This can result in the feeling of pain and burning when the wastes are pressurizing the rectal area.

A scary prospect is the possibility of there being some sort of breakage in the anal tissues, known as proctalgia. It is very painful to be undergoing this problem of extreme burning sensations during pooping. A slit or ulcer on the anal opening is painful anyways, and when the affected person is pooping, the outgoing feces pressurizes the anus and scrapes against the slits, thus creating the fiery pain that is otherwise referred to as poop burning. Thankfully, these anal wounds heal on their own. And even if they don’t, there are many anal ointments available in the market which ca be used for immediate relief.