Why is Che Guevara famous

Che Guevara is famous for the role he played in the Cuban Revolution along with Fidel Castro to help the country get out of a disadvantageous situation which it was suffering at the moment due to exploitation by the dictator Fulgencio Batista. Che Guevara was a medical student who had grown an extremely sympathetic heart towards the poor and oppressed people while he was in Latin America. His encounter with the dreadful levels of poverty in the South American countries changed him from being a medical practitioner to an activist. When the efforts of Guevara to bring in a land reform in order to help the farmers of Guatemala was hindered by the United States of America, he perceived US as an enemy which would not allow him to help the people who needed help. This was one of the main reasons as to why he turned into a guerrilla warfare expert from a peaceful medical practitioner.

Che Guevara joined Fidel Castro when he met him through Raul in Mexico because he wanted to help Castro overthrow Batista, who was backed by the American forces. Even though Che joined the 26J Movement as a doctor for Castro’s army, he had unmatched skills as a guerilla warrior and soon became famous as a master combat tactician. His role during the US invasion of the Bay of Pigs was also crucial because he was the main person who trained the people to resist. Che Guevara attained a lot of fame as a hero to all the people he fought for and fought with.

The desperate attitude of the man and his persistent devotion to the causes for which he fought was a formidable combination along with his sharp intellect, battle wits and knowledge. All that he did for the people of Cuba and the dedication he showed while trying to achieve them, earned him the respect of even some of his enemies. His role in the Cuban Revolution, his successful efforts towards increasing literacy rates in Cuba and the land reforms that he successfully implemented afterwards, all add up to give Che Guevara the reputation of the radical, militant revolutionary activist that we know him as today.