Why is education valuable

The meaning of education may change depending upon the circumstance. Generally it is a term used commonly to signify academic qualifications, but the term itself is not limited to that only. Education begins before we even begin going to kindergarten, because parents or guardians teach their kids the basic mannerisms much before that. Even as we grow up, we acquire skill and knowledge that are not taught in school or anywhere else in a formal way and this is what is known as informal education. Informal education is often a result of practical experience and direct exposure to the matter in question, rather than technical and methodic training. This type of education is very important and valuable because it helps develop character and supplements the academic education completed by the person.

Formal academic education is necessary for a person to be qualified enough to hold a position in society and also to get a job. In the current society that we live in today, educational qualification goes a long way towards determining the social status of a person. Higher education with good results does not only improve the chances of getting a good job and securing one’s position financially, but it also elevates the person’s status in society. As one gains knowledge in different subjects and specializes in certain fields, he/she also grows psychologically as a person. Education can be viewed as the means by which you prepare yourself to face the modern world and survive within it.

The skills that you learn through education are the tools which you use throughout your life in not only doing your job but also in various other fields. There are exceptional personalities both in our past and in our present who have achieved a great deal of success even without the help of formal education, but they were people with extraordinary brains and the truth is that very few of us possess that kind of ability and even the ones that might, often do not get the chance. Education on the other hand, raises the chances of earning a livelihood and leading a good life even for the people who are not so extraordinarily talented.