Why is homework important

Obviously, the most primary reason as to why homework is important for children is academic, but it is not the only reason though. Basically, children are tasked with homework by their teachers so that they practice what they have been taught and thus it works to better equip children for performing in examinations. Although this might be the most obvious aim of tasking a child with homework, it is only apparent. One of the main long term aims of homework is to help develop the student’s character. Homework is one of the first responsibilities that a child learns about and since taking responsibility is a big part of a grown up’s life, home work is definitely much larger than just being a practice session for what the child had learned at school earlier.

Apart from responsibility, a sense of urgency along with confidence and time-management are also things that a child learns from regular homework. It is very important that a child gets his homework done by himself so that he develops the confidence to try and manage his life by his own self. Parents may help the child with the homework but care should be taken so that he gets the actual job done by himself. It is found that parents often become too involved with their child’s homework and as a result the purpose of homework as a child’s first lessons in responsibility and independent acts fail. The acts of a parent as far as homework is concerned, should be limited to encouragement, guidance and rewarding. The important thing about homework is the will to try and the attempt to do it on your own rather than depending on someone else to get it done for you. If the particular homework is done correctly by the child then it is definitely good, but the point is the attempt. What this means is that although the child might have erred in performing a certain task, it is important that he tries on his own.

Homework in its proper form should be assignments that should encourage the child to think innovatively and take initiatives. Also, it is necessary that a school follows a proper homework policy because lack of a proper homework policy can either overburden or underuse the capacities of a child. These policies help the teachers to assign more creative and helpful homework fit for the students of a particular age. After taking into account all the researches that has been done on the effectiveness and utility of homework assignments, it can be concluded that homework even in its most rudimentary form is not just practice for making good grades, but also acts as the first lessons for child in responsibility, time management, independence and confidence to name a few.