Why is Miley Cyrus banned in China

Miley Cyrus is a name that needs no introduction. The multi-talented teenager has a fan following comprising communities from across the globe. The mere mention of Hannah Montanna sets the pulses of teenagers racing. The charismatic teen sensation, however, has no had many reasons to smile in the recent past. And this has a Chinese connection to it.

The entertainment world was taken aback when the news broke that Chinese authorities decided to ban Miley Cyrus from entering the country. The miseries piled on and the The Ministry of Foreign affairs of the People’s Republic of China also cracked the whip on Miley’s T.V. program. A similar treatment was meted out to the movies starring the sensational actress. Taking the time machine to the origin of the troubles, it all started with uncontrolled teenage candor. Miley Cyrus, along with her friends, was fooling around in a bus. It is understandable for teenagers to throw caution to the wind while having a good time. What began as playful picture clicking got too sugary and Miley stretched her eyebrows, allegedly, miming a native Asian expression. This did not go well with Chinese government who took the expression as a tasteless attack at the facial structure of Chinese natives. Disagreement aggravated to anger and the consequences followed. The summary of the matter is — Miley Cyrus makes a playful expression, of the sorts we have all made at some crazy moments with friends. The Red Dragon took offence. The star is banned from entering their territories and her show is wiped off air. Apologies have been tendered from the group of friends Miley was enjoying with, but obviously, they have fallen on deaf ears. One can’t help sympathizing with the teenage icon.

The fact remains that it was just a playful moment. Consider this. Would the Chinese authorities ban each individual entry to their lands if he is found to have made such a face ever? Would they take the pains to even notice such a trifle? Is it right to term this event as a deliberate racist expression? The questions are obvious, but there is nobody to answer them. It would have been so much better had the apologies been accepted by the authorities and the star had been invited for a concert, rather than wiping her presence out from the video libraries of the country.