Why is patriotism important

Patriotism can be defined as the love and loyalty that we feel towards the country we live in. It is considered to be the duty of every citizen to be a patriot to its motherland, especially in its time of need. Patriotism is important for so many reasons, but without the presence of patriotism in citizens of a country, it cannot succeed. If the soldiers of a country did not love their homeland, then it would be hard for that country to win against an enemy that is jeopardizing the safety of the nation. Countries that had to fight for their independence were found by patriotic men and without their patriotism, neither United States nor any other country would be enjoying independence today. A citizen must take pride in his/her country’s achievements, both in the past and in the present in order for the nation to achieve greater prosperity in future. As we needed patriots to be free from foreign domination in the past, we need patriots in the country now, to hold on to what we have achieved and make further progress.

It is true that the media is responsible for bringing in limelight the faults, corruptions, evils and shortcomings of a state and it helps the citizens of the country understand the true situation within the nation. But, in its quest for publishing the truth, the media basically highlights the negative aspects and incidents of a state while neglecting the progress and achievements that the nation is making side by side. A nation can never be truly free of all its negative aspects, but if the media constantly reflects on what is wrong with the country, the younger generation will find it hard to develop any patriotic feeling for his/her country. If we do not have patriots left within our country and also do not allow our children to develop patriotic sentiments, who is going to stand up against corruption and fight for our country and what we believe in?