Why is Superman a hero

Comics are an integral part of every childhood. The present generation has a buffet of comic books to choose from, each with its own superhero. Shining like a solitaire in this exhibition of super powered human forms, Superman continues to dazzle every imaginative mind. And this has been so for a good part of a century now.

One of the veteran superheroes, Superman burst upon the scene in 1938 when its creators sold the concept to DC Comics Inc. The fascinating story of an extra terrestrial infant being sent to the Earth moments before his native planet gets annihilated made an instant impact with comic enthusiasts. Christened as Clark Kent, this special boy is raised in a Kansas household by a farmer and his wife. The duo instills unwavering morals in the mind and soul of the child as he grows up. However, this boy is unlike any other, in the sense that it displays unfathomable powers. This, coupled with the high moral attitude, makes the perfect recipe for a superhero. This is precisely what happens and we have the Superman fighting everything ‘bad and immoral’ happening in the society. Clark Kent enters the profession of reporter, which in a way helps him observe the latent evils running through the American society. The strict censorship norms of the old times forced the creative team behind Superman comics to keep the plots close in construction to the social fabric of those times. In a way, this had a favorable impact as the ‘believability’ added to the stories struck a chord with public. This made Superman a part of their everyday dose of light hearted chatter, and hence, a part of every ordinary American’s routine. Superman also laid the gates to the action genre open, paving the way for the glamour boys of the subsequent eras.

Superman comics gave the American citizens the much needed dose of hope and harmony during the testing times of The Great Depression and The Second World War. Thus, the integrity and respect that Superman has established cements the character’s place at the zenith of the superheroes list.