Why was Rhode Island founded

The roots of Rhode Island were soiled as early as the year 1635 through the efforts and endeavours of a man named Roger Williams. He was extremely sceptical about the prevalent religious norms of his time and did not vouch for them. In fact, his religious stands were in utter contrast to those of the Church’s top brass at that time. This did not deter him from speaking his heart out, even though it meant declaring an all out revolt against the decision makers. Massachusett’s religious leaders promoted set patterns of worship, and they were so rigid in their approach that anybody found violating their imposed religious rules was subjected to prosecution. Roger William’s imminent expulsion from the community followed soon, and this was metaphorically equivalent to setting the first milestone in the journey towards the creation of Rhode Island as we know it today.

Roger Williams made his way to the Providence of Narragansett Bay where he was joined by his die hard followers. Williams announced himself as a non-denominational Christian pursuing eternal spiritual progress. However, the clashes of his ideologies with those of the authorities in power did not abate, the result being Roger William’s demand for a complete separation of the Church from the state. In this manner, Roger William’s dint and courage was instrumental in the declaration of a royal charter for Rhode Island in the year 1644. The place emerged as the perfect abode for those who had been bearing the wrath of religious discriminations till then.

Rhode Island has 39 cities and small towns within its geographical boundaries, and this makes it the smallest state in United States. However, the turbulent past of the state and its small size do not hamper its flourishing economy. A good mix of industries has emerged in Rhode Island, and all of these are serving the sate well in sustaining itself. Health sector, manufacturing industry and tourism industry, all have experienced a favourable impetus in the past few years, and this augers well for the state of Rhode Island in the times to come.