Why was Delaware founded

The United States has some pretty small territories to go with the massive geographical regions, and the most prominent amongst the lesser expansive states are those of Rhode Island and Delaware County. The county of Delaware is the second smallest territory in United States.

The nomenclature of this state can be safely attributed to the fact that this area was inhabited by Delaware Indians. Till date, there are associations drawn out to attach the social fabric of the state to the Delaware Indian ancestry. Delaware County did not exist as a separate independent U.S. state from the beginning. It was actually a part of Pennsylvania, with the natives of the Delaware region adding a unique charm to their inhabitations through their culture and way of living. This region was exceptionally well endowed in terms of cultural heritage as it was also the host to the Mohawk Tribes. Initially, these people did not consider the option of independent existence seriously, mostly because of the fact that their sustenance was easy and without any threat on resources. However, as the wave of social advancement started sweeping over the nation, the natives realized that their generations would be better served if Delaware County could get the status of a separate independent state.

Bifurcation of territories into separate states is something that governments are not generally eager on, but the case of the creation of the Delaware County was an exception in the sense that the area was a perfect mirror of the Delaware Indian tribes’ way of living, and had characteristics that separated it from the rest of the Pennsylvanian region.

The idea behind creating the Delaware County was to preserve the unmatched beauty of the region, and the unique charm of the tribes’ lifestyles; a motive that could have been successfully achieved by letting the people of the Delaware region on their own. Although the population of the Delaware County is not much, but the fact that this county reflects a great mix of history, culture and nature justifies the conferring of the status of an independent state on the county.