Why was Virginia founded

Like most states of the U.S., Virginia also has a very interesting background pertaining to its creation as an independent state. It was in the initial years of the 17th century that the process of creation of a separate Virginian territory picked up steam, and the hub of all the activity was Jamestown.

The people of Jamestown were a hardworking lot, and were always aware of the need of resources to progress in their lives. They desired to live a life of purpose and prosperity, and did not mind working out of their skins to ensure this. The lands of Jamestown were rich in precious minerals, so much so that even gold was present in abundance all over the place. As a consequence, mining became the chief occupation of the residents of Jamestown. The fact that there were many minerals up for grabs pretty much throughout the town meant that people from surrounding areas saw Jamestown as an occupational opportunity. Apart from employing the residents of Jamestown, the mining industry acted as a commercial magnet for the unemployed masses of neighbouring towns and cities, thus resulting in a mass in flow of manpower to Jamestown. And then, a good part of Jamestown was under agricultural activities, primarily related to that of tobacco, corns and wheat. This further enhanced the resource cache of Jamestown.

However, the stress on the resources began to show itself pretty soon and the residents of Jamestown realized the need to acquire more lands to sustain themselves. This made them work on the otherwise unattended lands of the adjacent areas to Jamestown. Systematically planned mining for gold and other minerals, along with appropriate agricultural cultivations soon began on the earlier barren lands, and the complete area buzzed into lively activity.

It was courtesy the diligent efforts of John Smith and all his co worker that the people of Jamestown were able to make their way past the very real danger of resource saturation due to overcrowding. The inherent attitude of these people to work hard and the skills of the working population ensured that the newly found Virginia prospered all the while, until it was declared a state on June 25, 1788.