Why did the Beatles break up

The Beatles would always be regarded as the masters of their game. Music was never the same again once the world witnessed the coming together of sheer brilliance of the Beatles band members. However, the end was nothing short of dramatic. After a successful album release in ‘Abbey Road’, the Beatles chose to call it quits and fell apart. This article tries to put some of the several possible theories of this misfortune into light.

Brian Epstein, the man who unleashed the musical messiahs called Beatles on the world, fell to a drug overdose and departed in the late 1960s. He had been, in eyes of music enthusiasts of those times, the glue that had bound the Beatles into a cohesive unit. His absence was like a wheel off the wagon, and the misalignments only aggravated from then on. There was no pacifier and the star egos started intensifying the recording sessions. ‘Let It Be’ recording sessions are well known to have been a sorry affair of verbal clashes.

Any discussion regarding the fag end of the Beatles band would automatically lead to the mentioning of the name of Yoko Ono. The coming together of Lennon and Ono meant that the latter was much engrossed in his new relationship and could not dedicate the requisite time towards his band. As to whether there was a deliberate attempt of separatism made by Yoko Ono is dubious, but there is hardly any rebuttal to the claims that her inclusion in the thick of things spelt doomsday for the band. The unscripted crowning of Paul McCartney as an unofficial band leader also did not go well with other members. Some reckon that this is the most consequential reason behind the disintegration of the Beatles. Paul McCartney’s relationship with the rest of the band was also embittered when the band was faced with the responsibility of picking up a manager. Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were at odds with Paul’s choice, and this aggravated the problems bubbling in the recording studios and jam sessions.

All these trivial and conspicuous flaws grew till the cracks were wide enough for air to blow the sheets apart, and the band separated in 1970.