Why do chihuahuas shake

Chihuahuas are cuddly creatures that are attracting attention because of the class of their masters! Hollywood stars like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have been seen with their cute little Chihuahua dogs in their laps. However these adorable little creatures are a lot more than just celebrity infatuations. A Chihuahua is a small and lively dog that exhibits remarkable love and sincerity towards its master.

Its compact size also makes the Chihuahua an ideal pet. Their strange playful ways and other idiosyncrasies contribute a lot to their charming disposition. A peculiar mannerism of the Chihuahua is to shake uncontrollably, and quite frequently so. Though it is obviously alarming to see one’s pet shiver like a leaf in a wind, but the fact of the matter is that there are many reasons behind this seemingly strange behavior. Shaking and shivering is more evident in chihuahuas who are less endowed in the fur department. These short haired pets are extremely responsive to cold atmosphere and start shaking instantly once the cold is beyond their rather low tolerance limits. This is precisely why owners of Chihuahua get them clad in a blanket like cloth, in order to put a tab on the cold they endure, and hence, on the shaking they display. Chihuahuas are excitable creatures, and the adrenalin inside their body takes little time boiling. Upon seeing their owner return from work after a day, such an adrenalin rush is initiated almost instantly and results into the shaking of the Chihuahua.

Whether they are happy, sad, afraid or simply bored; Chihuahuas start shaking to control the adrenalin pumping inside their bodies. However, if there is an abnormally high rate of shivering, there might be reasons for concern. It is always advisable to get the pet checked from a specialist. Though an absolutely un-alarming symptom, the shaking of the Chihuahua could also be the result of the depreciating sugar level of its blood. Also, persistent shaking is more likely to be a result of the dog’s attempt to shake off a pinching feeling of pain from a body part. Thus, it can be easily concluded that shaking is in inherent characteristic of the Chihuahua, and should not interfere with the fun filled time its owners expect to have with their pet. But when it becomes too much to ignore, it would be smarter to have a check up done.