Why do people snore

It might be an eye opener for some, but smoking is not an uncommon phenomenon, with an estimated 20% of the world’s population under its influence! Males and portly people generally snore more than their female and skinny counterparts. Though there is a precise scientific explanation behind the irritating snorting sound that emanates from some throats and nostrils while the ‘suffering’ person sleeps, snoring could also be a result of some other factors, most of which are discussed here.

Excessive tissue presence at the back of the throat, the palate and the uvula leads to the flapping of these tissue structures against each other, thus resulting in the creation of an irritating snoring sound produced due the resultant vibrations. Also, a particularly obstructive tissue build up at the back of the throat can block the smooth passage of air from the throat, again leading to the vibrations and the snoring sound. Abnormal tissue structure of the throat and palate is regarded as the primary cause of snoring, and this holds true for at least more than half of the snorers.

Men are more prone to snoring than women, and even more so when they have particularly protruding bellies. Snoring is believed to be further aggravated when the affected person is in a habit of lying on the back while sleeping, which generally is the case.

Blocked nasal passages also contribute to intermittent snoring. This happens because the air gust that need to escape from the nasal airways need to find an alternative getaway, in other words, the mouth. Known as the build up of ‘negative pressure,’ this occurrence increases the vibrations in the throat, uvula and palate to audible proportions, thus resulting in snoring. This is precisely why you might make the cut as a snorer every once in a while when you have a relentless cold jamming your nose.

Incessant snoring is a nagging problem that warrants some medical attention and advice. Not only does snoring take its tall on the affected person, his/her bed partners also bear the brunt of a ridiculous noise invading their ears all the while they sleep.