Why does my chest hurt

There are several reasons as to why there could be a feel of pain or inflammation in the chest. Let us look at some of the reasons for chest pain:

Symptom of a heart attack: This is undoubtedly the most serious problem associated with chest pain and warrants urgent medical attention. The pain comes all of a sudden in the form of a stabbing sensation in the upper chest area. Some others feel as if the entire area has become tight, making them feeling suffocated and numb. So, if you think this is the cause of chest pain, make sure that you get medical attention immediately. It can also be an angina issue, which is not really a symptom of heart attack but a possible precursor

Heartburn: A fiery, burning sensation in the chest area or tightness in the upper part of the body particularly after eating heavy, spicy food is heartburn. This pain in the chest is caused by the acid that has managed to escape from the chest. Also known as acid reflux chest pain, though there may be many reasons, one of them may be a weakened LES valve that prevents the acid from escaping from the stomach.

Physical exertion: Lifting heavy objects, over exercising, dancing aggressively can also cause physical exertion especially in the chest area.

Pneumonia and Bronchitis: Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Cold are also some of the reasons that lead to pain in the chest. The discomfort may not be quite severe but you may get a jabbing pain during coughing or sneezing. You may also feel tightness around the shoulder blades, neck, back and legs.

Why does my chest hurt

Depression: When one is quite upset, panicky or depression, he or she tends to breathe in a shallow manner. So if a person has other problems like thyroid or is overweight, feeling stressed can also increase blood pressure and lead to chest pain.

From the above, we see there are many reasons for chest pain, from heart ailments to dietary issues. The kind of treatment that you seek depends upon the cause of the disorder or disease.