Why does my tailbone hurt

The medical term for pain in the tailbone is known as Coccydynia. The tailbone is a section of the spine that appears to be jutting out, just above the butt. It is made up of 3 to 5 bony segments that are in place by ligaments and joints. Let us find out some of the reason as to why the tailbone can hurt:

1. Injury: Tailbone injury may be due to a bruise, dislocation or fracture of the coccyx (tailbone). Some of the reasons for tailbone injury involve direct blow or trauma to that area. Some of the injuries may be a fall with the tailbone being pressed hard against a tough surface, a direct blow to the area in contact sports, injury during childbirth, repetitive pressure against the tailbone due to activities like cycling or rowing etc.

Women usually are candidates for pain in the tailbone due to the fact that they have wider pelvis which makes the tailbone more vulnerable. Pregnant women are at most risk for tailbone injuries. There are quite a few women who have reported of pain in that area while straining during bowel movement or while having sex.

2. Sedentary lifestyle: Lack of exercise and a desk job for hours can also cause pressure on the tailbone and cause pain. If your nature of work is such that you have to remain seated for long periods of time, make sure you take regular breaks. Also make sure you choose comfortable seats and try to direct your weight away from the coccyx.

3. Pain in other parts of the body: Actual pain in other parts of the body may seem as if your tailbone is hurting. For instance, the tingling pain in your legs may have a reverberation in the tailbone.

4. Pilonidal cysts: If the tailbone looks swollen and red, it can possibly be due to an infection caused by Pilonidal cysts.

Why does my tailbone hurt

5. Child births: Some women experience temporary tailbone pain after giving birth. However, it is not long and the pain goes away in a matter of few days.