Why is literacy important

Although the world we live in is constituted by several countries, each with many distinct cultural norms and languages, but it would not be wrong to encapsulate the whole world into a single society purely on the basis of the definition of accepted behaviours. All individuals are expected to recognize the manner in which good citizens lead their lives, and this pattern is common throughout the world, despite the existence of innumerable languages and unique cultures. The concept of literacy is the fabric that binds the disoriented social facets together.

From the knowledge of the human body to that of its immediate environment, literacy starts shaping up an individual from a very young age. The world is a mysterious mess before knowledge starts defragmenting it into a coherent idea. Literacy begins with the knowledge of language. Without the power of expression, the world would halt and there would be no exchange of ideas to carry its development forward. Literacy involves the dissemination of the knowledge of expressing oneself through words and expressions. Once a human child is able to recognize a language and is able to understand directions, the process of literacy quickens up and this necessitates the establishment of special institutes with trained staff to explain the concepts of the society, environment, governments, economy, science, technology, literature, philosophy, mathematics, and a lot more to the growing individual.

Each individual encounters a huge number of entities in his/her immediate environment, and to tackle them, the weapon of literacy is used. Literacy involves the knowledge of each and every thing that a person has to interact with throughout his life. An illiterate person has no option but to skip out of the lane to progress and live a life of stagnation. Such a person is not able to intermingle with the progressive society and is left on his own limited resources of knowledge to sustain himself. On the other hand, higher literacy levels open up the gates to infinite opportunities. A student attains literacy and catapults his status to the level of a professional who can contribute to his field through the application of the literacy attained in the student life.