Why is olive oil good for you

Olive oil has long been known to many people throughout the Mediterranean as a healthy product that is a staple in many people’s lives for a number of reasons. In fact in many countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea many people drink a small glass of olive oil every day to help them in many ways.

The primary benefits of olive oil lie in its high concentration of monosaturated fats as opposed to other saturated fats present in other oils. These fats allow for our bodies to naturally lower many dangerous cholesterol levels such as LDL cholesterol while regulating good HDL cholesterol. In short, this means that our bodies can naturally expunge more unhealthy fat than normal and maintain a healthy heart in the process.

Olive oil also helps coat the stomach and protect it from a number of different problematic items including gastritis and various acid reflux conditions. This can often help provide a more natural cure or treatment for many conditions that typically require large amounts of medication on a regular basis to keep in check. In many cases it can even help treat ulcers, allowing for many damaged areas of the stomach to regenerate and return to a healthy state that they might not be able to reach otherwise.

Yet another benefit of olive oil is its ability to activate the secretion of bile and other pancreatic hormones much more safely and effectively than virtually all prescribed medications. This can help to increase our body’s natural cleansing capabilities and at the same time prevent the development of many pancreatic conditions or the development of gall stones.

Why is olive oil good for you

Studies are currently being conducted by researchers in Spain into the beneficial effects of olive oil on the prevention of colon cancer. Thus far the studies have shown that laboratory animals being fed a regular dietary supplement of olive oil show significantly lower risks of developing colon cancer than those fed standard vegetable oil. In fact, preliminary reports indicate that regular consumption of olive oil appears to generate a similar reaction to the consumption of fish oil – a substance already proven to reduce the risk of colon cancer in individuals.