Why is sociology important

A part of the social sciences, sociology can typically be defined as scientific study of society and of human beings within a society. It studies human behavior, the reasons for it and also attempts to hypothesize the future of the society. To understand the importance of sociology, one must understand the two levels of sociology and their impact on society.

1. Micro level – In terms of sociology, micro level is a term used to designate the social phenomenon and practices associated with a relatively smaller group of human beings. The micro level of sociology helps one to understand that in what way the immediate surroundings affect a human being and shapes his/her views, personality, approach and disposition towards various social aspects. As an experienced sociologist interviews individuals in a society or observes the group with precision, he/she learns a lot about the viewpoints, social practices and also the reasons behind them. This helps people from other societies and backgrounds to understand their culture, tradition, practice and behavior.

2. Macro level – On the macro level, sociology is even more important as it also studies the interaction, conflict and differences that exist between nations and therefore it is in that study that the hope of peaceful co-existence lies. Surveys and records help sociologists understand the nature, influence and attitude of the people towards life and society and thus sociology is important for interpreting human beings from different societies into conclusive terms. The differences in cultures of separate society existent in different parts of the world are also made known and understood through sociological observations.

The knowledge of a sociologist is effective and important in the real world because he/she is able to interpret the behavior and social patterns of a society into practical terms and thus help both the people of the society as well as the people in authority to understand each other and create a cooperative solution to any problem or tension. Sociologists all over the world toil to study different cultures thoroughly and analyze them in order to smooth interactions between various cultures and precisely predict human behavior, which in turn helps to avoid conflict and establish relationships previously impossible.