Why is vitamin B important

Vitamin B is actually a collection of different nutrients each of which have some characteristic in common, which results in their encapsulation into a single category. These nutrients are soluble in water and are found in food stuff from similar sources. Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Cobalmin and a few others constitute what the Vitamin B category. All these nutrients work in tandem and render their unique services to the body. On a whole, the Vitamin B complex can be attributed as an indispensible body constituent.

As a whole, Vitamin B has a momentous role to play in the sustenance of human health and life supporting activities. Basically, Vitamin B performs three extremely essential functions inside the human body. It has a vital job in changing the different forms of ingested edibles into energy. The, Vitamin B goes a long way in ensuring the health of the human immune system, the one responsible for warding off diseases. Also, Vitamin B strikes a balance between the different body hormones.

The constituent vitamins of B complex are responsible for breaking down fats and proteins into useful form of energy for the body functions and serving the needs of the human nervous system. The impact of vitamin B on the cognitive abilities of the human body makes it absolutely mandatory for human beings to have a more than sufficient level of Vitamin B quantity in the body and blood stream. Medical research has established that Vitamin B adds to the mental health and thinking abilities of a human being, apart from enhancing the short term memory.

A healthy intake of Vitamin B rich food helps in strengthening the immune system of the body and this further has a telling impact on the human health in the long run. Apart from this, Vitamin B has a role to play in the muscle toning of the human body and the upkeep of the oral health. Also, vital human organs like eyes depend upon a certain amount of Vitamin B for their proper functioning. Hair and skin structure of humans also relies heavily on the adequacy of Vitamin B levels in the body.