Why is vitamin E important

Vitamin E is an indispensible body nutrient. Whereas a deficiency of this vitamin is sure to invite bad health and several recurring diseases, a proper dose of Vitamin E goes a long way in striking a balance between the various life supporting activities taking place inside the body.

Vitamin E has far reaching consequences on the immunity condition of the human body as it performs the phenomenal task of protecting the cell membranes from the detrimental free radicals which can invade the body from various sources. These radicals slowly but surely eat away at the cell membrane and render the body susceptible to a plethora of diseases and disorders. However, such a dismal situation can be avoided through the intake of food stuff rich in Vitamin E as this nutrient has properties to negate the effect of the free radicals.

Vitamin E has proven heart enhancing functions. Improper functioning of the heart is a disastrous situation for a human body, and this can be avoided through an abundant intake of Vitamin E. It also complements the maintenance of the spinal cord of the body. Medical research also concludes that Vitamin E has a salubrious impact on the retina of the eye. The symptoms of a deficiency of Vitamin E do not make themselves evident instantly, but their effect accumulates over several months and results in severe disorders of the spinal cord and the heart.

The amount of Vitamin E required by the body has a close association with the amount of body fat. Portly people need to be especially aware of their body’s vitamin demands in order to ward off the possibility of any sort of deficiency. This also holds true for people suffering from the Crohn’s disease and malfunctioning liver and intestine. Health conscious individuals who shun fatty diets need to be informed about the possibility of their body being devoid of the bare minimum amount of Vitamin E.

Wheat products, nuts and vegetable extracts are rich sources of Vitamin E. Also, several synthetic Vitamin E supplements are available in medical stores to aid people with a deficiency of Vitamin E.