Why does pooping feel good

There would not be a dearth of knowledge enthusiasts who would find it worthwhile discussing the undeniable feeling of relief and pleasure accompanying the human body’s waste disposal in the toilet, in simpler words ‘pooping’. The sophisticated and overly urbane lot might not be too pleased when asked to put into words the sensation of letting poop drop in the pot, but surely, we all realize that there is something unique about ‘letting it go.’

The human digestion phenomenon is too complex an issue to be discussing here, but it is common knowledge that the undigested edibles accumulate inside the body until the host parts can hold them no more, and then the waste disposal activity of the body takes over. The waste products are full of toxins and undesired chemicals, and their disposal is a necessity. There is a feeling of the sanitization of the body when one releases the wastes in the form of poop.

The congestion in the middle half of the body is a very irritating feeling to withstand for a long duration. People who are caught in unsavoury situations where they have to hold on to poop for long time become fidgety and irritated, and as the laws of nature have it, we all seem to get caught up in such a situation every once in a while. The result is that the feeling of irritation gets attached to ‘the call of nature’ to dispose the wastes. Consequently, a person is bound to enjoy the sensation of being able to ‘attend to the call’ immediately.

There are some unofficial scientific facts going around that claim to explain the funny feeling of relief and pleasure while pooping. Some say that the release of poop relaxes the rectum, and the reduction in the rectal stress is a cause of the pleasure sensation. Then, there are mentions of pooping accompanied by release of endomorphism, which results in the feeling if relief. It could also be attributed to the anticipation of the body for a lighter stomach and de-stressed pelvic area. The conspicuous favourable change in the body composition sounds like the most tenable of these theories.