Why is HDL good

Cholesterols put to shame the dissolving properties of water by denying to be dissolved in the fluid. Thus, cholesterols are distinguished as lipids, and are dissolvable in fats. Liver of the human body acts as the production house for this waxy content of the blood stream. In this way, the liver accounts for the spontaneously occurring cholesterol production inside the body. But the fact that cholesterols are present in many edibles also comes into play and as a consequence, the actual cholesterol levels are a lot more than what they should be. This is precisely why the mere mention of the word ‘cholesterols’ brings to mind an image of the accumulation of fats.

Cholesterols do not exhibit any affinity to water, and choose proteins for transportation. This combination is referred to as a lipoprotein. The two variants in this category of biological compounds are LDL (low density lipoproteins) and HDL (high density lipoproteins). The LDLs are nefarious for driving fats and cholesterol away from the liver and spreading them to the other parts of the body. They lead to the formation of a layer of plaque inside the artery walls, thus increasing the risk of heart attacks. On the other hand, HDLs are much more salubrious as they make the excess cholesterol retrace its path back to the liver, thus preparing the excretion mechanism of the unwanted fats. Like scavengers, these HDLs sanitize the body by collecting the accumulated plaque from throughout the blood stream and taking it back to the liver, thus mitigating the above mentioned risks of a heart attack.

High density lipoproteins also reduce the chances of an individual experiencing strokes. Whereas one must be careful enough to keep the LDL concentration at a level less than 130mg per deciliter, he must also assure that the HDLs are maintained at a level equal to or greater than 60mg per deciliter. One can improve one’s immunity to heart attacks and strokes by adhering to a strict exercise routine apart from leading a healthy lifestyle. Consulting a dietitian for the appropriate diet is also recommended in this regard.