Why should people eat healthy

The world in which we live in today is a very fast world and in order to cope with today’s pace, we often resort to fast food rather than a home cooked wholesome meal. We neglect the obvious fact that our body is in constant need of nutrients in the right amount, therefore, lack of healthy wholesome food over a significant period of time can cause one some serious health and fitness problems. Protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrates etc are all necessary to not only supply the body with the energy it needs to function, but also to maintain all internal bodily functions properly on a regular basis. The key in maintaining health and fitness level starts with healthy and balanced eating habits.

The protein that is attained after our digestive system breaks down the ingested food is utilized in hemoglobin and enzyme production and functioning. The other types of protein are necessary to build muscles and power the immune system. Minerals like iron, potassium, iodine etc are also essential for the growth of the body. However, the food that we eat every day does not only contain the macronutrients which our body needs, but they may also contain harmful contents or overdose of certain otherwise necessary contents. It is for that reason why keeping a balanced and appropriate diet is important for remaining healthy. If one consumes too much oily food just because it tastes better, then he/she will slowly develop high cholesterol levels in his/her blood and that could even be fatal as cholesterol is the main culprit behind heart attacks and cerebral attacks. Being overweight or obese is the beginning of a painful life as people who fall in this category are susceptible to a number of diseases, starting from joint pains to blocked arteries.

Obesity itself is a problem that is a result of improper and unhealthy diet as well as lack of exercise. Malnutrition due to insufficient food intake can on the contrary, make you an underweight. Being an underweight is not as bad as being overweight, but it has its share of negative effects on your health as well. Eating is one of our basic functions like sleeping and just like sleeping, if it is not done in a regular and healthy routine, our health will take the toll.